ABRO Building

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ABRO Industries, Inc.

3580 Blackthorn Court
South Bend, IN 46628 U.S.A.
Telephone (574) 232-8289
Fax (574) 232-8295

ABRO Industries, Inc.

South Bend, Indiana, U.S.A.

For over 70 years, the ABRO name has meant quality around the world.  ABRO Industries, Inc. provides top quality automotive, industrial and consumer products to customers in countries across the globe.  ABRO's success is built on its strong network of distributors.  Our distributors, some of whom we have worked with for over three decades, are the backbone of our past and the foundation of our future.  The ABRO headquarters' staff, located in South Bend, Indiana, supports our distributors.  All staff members are experts at their jobs, whether that requires navigation of the complex Customs requirements of the over 175 countries in which we sell or coordinating manufacturing and shipping schedules so that the right products arrive at the right place at the exact right time.  ABRO has expanded its presence in the global marketplace by active participation in major international trade shows such as the Automechanika in Germany, the Canton Trade Fair in China and the Annual AAPEX Automotive Show in Las Vegas.

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ABRO Distribution Services
2509 Dean Forest Drive
Suite 100
Savannah, GA 31408 U.S.A.
Telephone (843) 761-0084
Fax (843) 761-0177

ABRO Distribution Services

Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.

The heart of ABRO's distribution system is our brand new warehouse and shipping facility located in Savannah, Georgia.  The Savannah facility contains over 330,000 square feet of space and provides ample room for ABRO's expected future growth.  It is also centered in a dynamic and growing port that will speed shipping times and ensure uninterrupted delivery of ABRO products to our distributors around the world.  ABRO specializes in shipping mixed containers so our distributors are able to custom design a shipment that perfectly fits their needs.  This allows them to maximize the opportunities in their part of the world while minimizing their risk.  Finally, ABRO distributors are never alone.  While many act as the sole representative of the ABRO brand in their country, they are backed by the collective experience of the almost 200 other distributors located around the world.  ABRO is constantly looking for good ideas developed by one distributor which can be shared with others.  ABRO has worked hard to build a corporate culture of shared success and expanding ingenuity.

  • The 330,000 square feet (30658 m2) warehouse leaves room to grow.  For now, ABRO occupies about half.
  • Specially constructed shelving and high-tech equipment allow for a speedy order fulfillment.