Transmission Fluids


Global ATF

A premium fluid designed for automatic transmissions of all North American, European and Asia-Pacific-made vehicles. Global ATF provides exceptional oxidation, war, frictional stability and anti-shudder properties required in today's high performance transmissions. It is also designed to deliver premium performance in older transmission.


Multi-Purpose ATF

Created for electronically controlled transmissions, this product may be used in automatic transmission units that require the use of Dexron®
fluids, and is qualified Ford Mercon® ATF. Further, it meets the performance requirements for Allison Transmission Division (C-4), and major
hydraulic pump manufacturers' requirements for anti-wear hydraulic fluids. Multi-Purpose ATF provides excellent friction stability, oxidation,
anti-wear properties and low-temperature fluidity desired for most automatic transmissions.


CVT Transmission Fluid

CVT Fluid is a full synthetic automatic transmission fluid specifically formulated for today's technologically sophisticated variable transmission. This product eliminates the need to stock multiple, limited OEM brands. CVT Fluid has equal, and in most cases, better performance than the most common North American CVT Fluids being supplied by leading OEMs. CVT Fluid provides engineered anti-shudder performance for smooth transfer of power, exceptional anti-oxidation and anti-wear protection in highly sophisticated variable transmissions.


• Excellent low temperature fluidity

• Provides excellent anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-foam,

and oxidation resistance

• Possesses excellent metal frictional characteristics

• Excellent shear stability

• Provides foaming resistance - contains an anti-foaming agent

• Dyed red for easy identification


Type A

A quality economical fluid. It is formulated from select base oils with a special additive to suppress foam formation. It contains red dye as a leak detector. Type A Automatic Transmission Fluid provides straight mineral oil lubrication and can be used when a lubricant of this type is recommended.


Tractor Transmission Hydraulic Fluids

Formulated specially for use in transmissions, final drives, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems of tractors and other equipment that employs a common fluid reservoir.


Available in:

XL Tractor Hydraulic Fluid, EL Tractor Hydraulic Fluid


• Performs many functions such as lubrication of the transmission

and final drive

• Serves as hydraulic fluid for the operation of power steering units,

brakes and implements

• Eliminates "chatter" and excessive brake facing wear,assuring smooth

operation of clutch packs and wet brakes

• Protects metal surfaces against scuffing and wear

• Compatible with equipment manufacturers' proprietary fluids and other

fluids of this type


AW Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic Oils are premium quality anti-wear hydraulic fluids designed to provide optimal protection in high pressure applications. AW Hydraulic Oils are formulated to provide rust protection as well as foam inhibition. AW Hydraulic Oils have excellent oxidation resistance and proved superior anti-wear protection. AW Hydraulic Oils have a dielectric strength above 35kV and are non-conductive.


• Specifically designed to maximize protection to hydraulic pump

and their parts

• Formulated with highly refined, high viscosity index base stocks

• Provide excellent demulsibility and rust protection

• Anti-wear additives create a protective film on metal surfaces

• Helps minimize metal to metal contact that is most severe in vane

and gear pumps

• Minimum viscosity changes over a wide range of temperatures

• Superior filterability is provided with excellent thermal and hydrolytic

stability thus preventing the formation of deposits which may interfere with filtration in equipment that has close tolerances


STOU 10W30 Tractor Fluid

STOU 10W30 Tractor Fluid is multi-functional oil specially formulated with premium quality base stocks, proper viscosity index improvers, pour
point depressants, and a top-grade additive for use in tractors and equipment utilizing STOU fluids for the engine oil. STOU 10W30 Tractor Fluid can be used for the crankcase of diesel and four stroke gasoline engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions, final drives, PTO clutch, wet brakes, hydrostatics, and power steering. STOU 10W30 Tractor Fluid has a
wide range of applications in engines transmission and hydraulic systems of modern tractors.


Meets Performance Capabilities:

API CE, CF, CF-4, CG-4, SF; API GL-4,;ACEA E2; ACEA E3; John Deere J27; Massey Ferguson CMS 1145, 1144, 1139; Allison C4; Ford 228.3; Man 271; MIL-L-2104D Related Applications requiring a STOU Fluid (Super Tractor Oil Fluid)


• Provides outstanding war and frictions control

• Offers powerful dispersion and detergency

• Superior engine performance

• Enables greater lubricant flow

• Ensures smooth operation

• Versatility for a wide range of manufacturers


TO-4 Torque Fluids

TO-4 Torque Fluids are high performance transmission and drive-train lubricants designed to meet the requirements of Caterpillar's
TO-4 specifications. To-4 Torque Fluids are engineered to optimize
the performance of power-shift transmissions, gearboxes, and final drives. TO-4 Torque Fluids contain an advanced additive system to
deliver the precise performance parameters needed to maximize the productivity of construction, quarrying, and mining equipment operating in severe conditions.


• Designed for heavy-duty construction equipment power

shift transmissions

• Special additives protect metal surfaces against scuffing and wear

• Frictional controls stop slippage and assure silent and efficient action

• Resists oxidation at elevated operating temperatures

• Defends against rust and corrosion of highly refined precision parts

• Base oils and additives are carefully chosen for compatibility with clutch

face and seal materials

For a complete list of available lubricants that are best suited for your market, please contact your sales representative or ABRO.

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