Automotive Gear Lubricants

Gears are the unsung heroes of the automotive world. They're the ones that put th power where it needs to be, and the stresses they endure are extreme. Our GL-5 Synthetic and GL-5 G  Oils  are specially formulated to withstand the super high pressures of ring and pinion sets, transmissions and final drives, protecting agaisnt scuffing, scoring and rust even in the worst conditions.

GL-5 Full Synthetic

and Synthetic Blend Gear Oils

A premium quality gear oil for transmissions and final drives. They meet the toughest industry specifications for automotive extreme pressures (EP) gear lubricants including limited slip differentials. They are designed for extreme pressure, offset spiral bevel, and hypoid gear sets (ring and pinion gears) in heavy-duty trucks, farm, logging and construction machinery. These oils are suitable for extended drain intervals.


Available in:

75W90 and 75W140 in Full Synthetic; 80W90 and 80W140 in Synthetic Blend


• Synthetic base stocks maximize oxidation resistance

• Greater film strength at higher operating temperatures

• Reduced wear at start-up and ease of start-up even in arctic conditions

• Extreme pressure additives prevent gear scuffing and scoring

• Prevents formation of rust and sludge throughout the system

• Fortified to prevent chatter in limited slip synchromesh drive trains

• Excellent resistance to foaming

• Extended drain intervals versus conventional products

GL-5 Gear Oils

A premium quality multi-purpose gear lubricant which provides superior performance that is obtained trough the use of quality base oils and a select extreme pressure additive system. These additives impart anti-weld, anti-scuff and anti-wear properties that are necessary in heavy-duty service gear lubricants. GL-5 Gear Oils provide excellent protection under the most severe conditions encountered in commercial transmissions, axles and final drives. GL-5 Gear Oils are designed to be used in limited slip differentials.


Available in:

80W90 and 85W140


• For use in limited slip differentials

• Excellent for use in heavy equipment applications that place higher

performance demands on the drive train lubricants

• Exceptional reliability in today's drive train applications as well as in

the older models

• Provides high thermal stability as well as oxidation resistance

• Protect against low speed high torque wear

• Excellent fluidity in low temperatures which reduces wear

during start-up

• Improved lubrication and extended seal life due to good foam control


GL-1 Gear Oils

Manufactured with high quality base stocks to provide outstanding oxidation stability for long service life. This oil is inhibited against foaming and does not contribute to corrosion or wear of yellow metals, such as
brass or bronze. GL-1 Gear Oil meets API designation GL-1.


Available in:

SAE 90, 140 and 250


• Long service life

• Non-foaming

• Non-corrosive

For a complete list of available lubricants that are best suited for your market, please contact your sales representative or ABRO.

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