U.S. Distribution Wanted

ABRO Industries, Inc. has evolved in so many ways over the course of the last 84 years.  A global leader in Automotive, Construction, & Household Chemicals… Our products are being produced at our factories in the USA and around the globe.  The ABRO Brand is currently marketed and sold in over 185 countries.  We are leaders in the export/import business and our global network continues to expand every year.

This year ABRO is investing in starting sales in a new market… the USA.  We have always put all our efforts in markets outside of the United States.  Today there are only a few countries in the world where you can’t find ABRO on store shelves.  The ABRO brand has become so popular in many countries due to our high quality, high value philosophy that we have had to invest heavily in protecting our brand from counterfeiters.

In looking towards the future and continued growth, we see great opportunity in the untapped domestic market for us.  We are currently in search of domestic distributors, retailers, and private label customers who wish to sell our products in the USA.  If you have interest in having a discussion with us, please let us know.  We look forward to seeing the ABRO brand begin to show up on shelves all across the USA in 2023.

ABRO. A Trusted Name Worldwide.

If you are interested please Contact us Here!