In the early part of Summer 2022, ABRO sent our newest Sales Associate, Kevin Banks, to visit some markets that the ABRO team has not been able to travel to in the past few years because of COVID-19. Kevin met with our customers to see how the past few years have affected their market and catch up on the needs and goals of our customers.


From Left: Lidia Baroyan, Kevin Banks, Ashot Piloyan


The Armenian market has been a very strong market for ABRO considering the population there. Our customer, Ashot Piloyan, has been working with ABRO for a long time establishing the ABRO brand in Armenia. Mr. Piloyan’s company, ABRO Prestige, is headquartered in the capital city of Yerevan where they are in the process of expanding their warehouse to increase distribution capabilities. Not only do they manage their distribution out of Yerevan, but ABRO Prestige also maintains two retail store fronts on two of the busiest locations in Yerevan. The future for ABRO Prestige is a bright one.





From Left: Tarik, Irmin Abaspahic, Kevin Banks, Aiden Abaspahic, Jasmin Abaspahic, Mr. Juka


With the price increases seen around the world, our customer in Bosnia & Herzegovina has made it a point of emphasis to capture market share for ABRO by keeping prices low for their customers and absorbing price increases. A bold business strategy implemented by AVANTI owner and community leader, Jasmin Abaspahic, has steered the company through changing times and is in the perfect position to capitalize on their hard work. AVANTI is in the middle of a transitional period seeing long-time employees of 20+ years retire while bringing in the next generation eager to implement new work flows and marketing campaigns.





From Left: Besnik Loci, Serxhio Brahimi, Kevin Banks, Arjan Dodaj, Adrian Vocaj


The Albanian market is run by owner, Adrian Vocaj, of Treg Auto based out of Tirana. Adrian and his team are incredible at selling ABRO products based on our technical and chemical features that separate us from the competition. Adrian is a long-time partner of ABRO whose input has advanced our business in not just Albania, but all over the world. It is clear ABRO has a strong foothold in Albania when you stop at a petrol station and immediately see ABRO products right outside the store.






From Left: Erblin Xërxa, Kevin Bank, Albion Curri


Kosovo’s close relationship with the United States has allowed for quick growth of ABRO products in the young nation. Lisi-M is the sole distributor of ABRO products in the country wasting no time establishing ABRO as a major brand in the big box stores throughout the country. Lisi-M also maintains two retail store fronts in the capital Pristina that provide a wide range of automotive and biking equipment. Young partial owner, Erblin Xërxa, and financial manager, Albion Curri, maintain a great sales strategy to keep ABRO as one of the top American brands in the market.





From Left: Hamlet Malkhasian, Shengeli Kokiashvili, Alexander Khakhiashvili, Kevin Banks, Giorgi Kevkhishvili, Gurami Tsiklauri


Alexander Khakhiashvili, owner of Line-Media in Tblisi Georgia, is the epitome of what it is to be an ABRO distributor. Line-Media takes care of their employees which is highlighted by their affection for Alexander. The Georgian market has seen consistent growth while Alexander has been the sole distributor in the country. ABRO’s presence in the country can be seen when walking down the aisles of major retail stores or inside any mechanic’s shop. Alexander has staged Line-Media in the perfect place to increase ABRO sales in the next year.