To cap off the summer, ABRO sent our Sales Associate, Kevin Banks, to several of our Eastern African markets to meet with the distributors and discuss the past few years and strategies moving forward.


Top row left to right: Tasleem Hussein, Fred Amalemba, Violet Kanyua, Miheer Shah, Dhruv Shah Bottom row left to right: Benta Sila, Ashwin Shah, Mauer Shah, Kevin Banks, Caroline Waiyengo


The Kenyan Market has been a very stable one for ABRO thanks to the team at Statpack. A quality distributor to work with who has done a great job navigating the turbulent past couple of years. This is thanks to the 400+ employees at Statpack that keep the business churning. Statpack is topped off by an amazing sales team that works exclusively with ABRO products. The personal relationship they share with their customers immediately shines through upon watching them interact.







Left to right: Muhammed Jusab, Kevin Banks, Sajjad Jusab

Tanzania Part 1

ABRO has seen our products in Tanzania for many decades now with consistent growth in the market. Our long-term partner in the country, Mr. Muhammed Jusab and his cousin Sajjad Jusab of Strategic Investments, have been key in establishing the ABRO brand name here. Thanks to them the ABRO coolant and masking tape has become one of the most recognized brands in this part of the world. As the next generation gets more involved, they look to expand their catalog.






Left to right: Athuman Ramadhani Mbotton, Kevin Banks, Mohammed Zowange, Ibrahim Saleh Bilal

Tanzania Part 2

Our additional partner in Tanzania, ZTM Limited, has been eagerly increasing ABRO’s market share in the country for some time now. Mr. Mohammed of ZTM has shown great passion for ABRO products consistently increasing the product range they offer. ZTM was able to take a well-known brand in the market and turn it into the most used brand in the market. Their ambitions for growth radiate through their ownership and sales team. ZTM Limited knows how to make growth happen.






Left to right: Rachael Kiconco, Kevin Banks, Paul Muweesi, Francis Mutabazi


The Uganda market is an up-and-coming market for ABRO. Thanks to the hard work and determination from our distributor, Afristock, we have seen consistent growth here the past five years. The addition of new product lines added to their order schedule over this time frame and was key to growing their business. Going from only taking one ABRO product to a wide range has enabled Afristock to open more than seven store fronts in the past couple of years. Uganda has a bright future for ABRO products with Afristock leading the way.






Left to right: Marie-Paule Tin Yan, Helen Li Tseng Kui, Bernadette Lau, Kevin Banks, Thierry Liu Man Hin, Anil Callar, Shonakshee Foolee, Nicolas Tuher


We have been with our distributor in Mauritius for several generations now. Thanks to the deep inroads they made as distributors here early on, Mauritius is the most successful market for ABRO on a per population basis. ABRO has become the go to brand on this small island of 1.3 million citizens. If you shop at any super market or small shop on this island, you will find ABRO products on the shelves thanks to the hard work of our distributor, E.A.L Man Hin.